Thursday, May 14, 2015

What a wonderful week!!  3 great events to share.

Art Road Show:

We had 2 visits to the gallery to look at the artworks, and to do our own sketching. 

                       We looked at lots of different art books.

We sketched some of the artworks.

These are some of our fabulous sketches.

We wrote some "I wonder why?" questions.

What if the  animals in the picture woke up?

What would it be like if we used 3D glasses to look at the art?

What if the animals want their claws, feet and beaks back?

Celebrity Visitor:

What a wonderful role-model and inspiration Daniel Carter was for our children.  We look forward to all the fabulous sports equipment that will be bought with money  Dan presented to the school.

We discussed "What is a Celebrity?" and "What does a Celebrity Do?"

Hillcrest High School Plays:

Every year we go to watch the plays produced by the H.H.S drama students.  The plays are written by the students, and we all had a wonderful time singing and dancing, as we joined in the stories.

Back at school we talked about all the elements that make up a drama.

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  1. What an exciting week it was last week! Room 11 have been doin some great thinking around all these experiences, good work everyone!