Thursday, June 18, 2015

Traditional Maori Games

What an eventful week!

   Renee from Energize (Sports Waikato) taught us how to play with a poi by swinging and catching it by the te aho (tail).  


We have been exploring Matariki and learnt that it means "little eyes"
In groups, we found information to share.

Our Matariki brainstorm of ideas.

Look at our wonderful learning activities.

Next we had fun with string games, poi and rakau sticks.

Fete de la Musique:

Phoebe playing the ukulele.

Phoebe and Liam playing along with the ukulele group.

Hamoodi plays the violin.

A week of great learning in Room 11.

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  1. I really enjoyed learning and teaching about Matariki for the first time with Room 11 =)