Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Maths In Room 11

This term we have been exploring measurement and this week the focus was on volume and capacity.

SLO:  We are learning to: 
Level 1
  •  Use the language of volume and capacity correctly.
  • Order volume.
  • Measure accurately to a given mark.
  • Measure volume in everyday situations.
  • Measure with non-standard units.
  • Compare two volumes and talk about them.
  • Level 2
  • Talk about litres and millilitres.
  • Solve volume word problems.
  • Do they hold the same amount of liquid?

    Looking and listening to the instructions.

    Recording our ideas.

    Solving volume word problems with Mr Wynn.
    This is the process we use to solve volume and capacity problems.

    Lets estimate!!  How many cups will it hold?

    Who will have the closest estimate?  Lets check our answers!

    "I'll pour, you count"

    Sharing our answers.

    Some great mathematical learning in Room 11 this week!!

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