Thursday, September 17, 2015

Exploring Marble-Tracks

Exploring Marble-Tracks With Mr Wynne

We used several types of developmental equipment to explore how a marble-track works.

Our challenge was to make a marble-track that:
  • ran for 5 seconds.
  • had a curve in it.
  • you can change the speed.
  • we worked as a team to create.
 We needed to look and listen                                                             carefully to all the instructions.

Working together as a team.

Listening to each other and taking turns.

What can we change to make this work better?

Thinking carefully about how it will work.

Watch the marble fall all the way  down.

Have we met all the criteria  for a
successful marble-track?

Abigail is recording our problem-solving and team-working skills.  

 We were successful when we looked, listened and thought about everyone's ideas.  We tried, made changes and tried again.

Finally we were ready to write the criteria for designing and constructing our own marble tracks next week!!

Watch this space for our Marble-Track up-date!!

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