Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Secret Garden

Secret Garden on PhotoPeach

L.I- To describe your own secret garden.
 Mr Clark's Exemplar
An ancient door that turned my world upside down. I could have never prepared myself for what I saw in the secret garden. The greenest grass I had ever seen, millions of flowers of all shapes, sizes and smells surrounded me and made me one with nature. I was frightened but could not help but feel peaceful in this place. Birds chirped happily around me filling my soul with their joyful tones.

As I continued my journey the wind whisked my hair, an eerie but enjoyable feeling. The sun in the sky was forcefully fighting the trees to penetrate the ground below.  Overhanging branches protected the grass and me from the harsh sun above like bodyguards. The beautiful smell of the flowers whisked up my nostrils making me smile. This was the most amazing place I had ever been. This was paradise!

Ahead of me were steep steps covered in mountains of mouldy moss and beside it water oozed perfectly out of a glistening waterfall like lemonade being poured from a glass. I was in heaven. I dipped my toes into the glistening water and looked around. All of a sudden reality hit me. How did I get here? And how will I get myself out?

Your task today is to write about your own secret garden that you stumble across. You must tell us what you can see, hear, feel and what you are thinking. Give as much description as possible so you can keep the reader interested. 

You can 'BORROW' ideas, words, phrases from Mr Clark's writing but try and include as much of your own ideas and descriptions as possible. 

Success Criteria
  1. Similes- compare using like or as
  1. Use synonyms or exciting words using a thesaurus
  1. Short sentences for impact
  1. Alliteration (repeat same sound or letters in a row)
  1. Hyperbole or exaggeration (millions of flowers)

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