Saturday, May 13, 2017

Term 2: Week 2

This week was Image result for stuffedFULL of learning.

In our unit of inquiry:
A better understanding of the properties of materials leads to innovation and responsible enterprise- this week we explored more about the concept of PROPERTIES.

Mrs Montford brought in some crystals.
Our class had asked her about the crystal she wears as jewellery, she was only to happy to share where she collected them from and what she knew about their formation.
We them researched the physical properties of crystals by observing them using our senses. (Except taste!).
See here for a video made by Ethan and Lucas where they share their learning.

After analysing the properties of crystals we analysed the properties of Hokey Pokey and then observed the reactions of 3 white powders (kitchen ingredients) to a clear liquid.

We built up the vocabulary we need to discuss and identify properties of materials, to be added to as we progress through this unit.

In our math inquiry;
Understanding the patterns and relationships between numbers helps us solve problems- we worked on different problems, working on our times-tables, and number strategies based on patterns and relationships.

Language: We analysed non-fiction text and identified the main idea and key words that we could record to capture the main details. We also played with putting them from note form back into sentences.

Our year 6 leaders spent the day at a Leadership Retreat. Tyrahn said it was fun, Moihi spent time reflecting on his leadership goals, and Fou shared that to be a leader you have to show people how to be, he stated that "If you don't do the right thing, why would anyone follow you?" Then he matched his actions to his words! The overall feedback from all the leaders was that they had fun and have leadership goals they are going to work on. Watch this space!

In class we worked on our Respect puzzle piece working out what respect looks like, sounds like and feels like in different situations. Each student set and self-reflected on their personal Respect goal each day.

Finally we ended the week with an EXPLORATION HOUR-  students got to choose from:

Technology challenges- Work as a team to beat the clock and conquer the challenge! A bit like The Amazing Race- but with way-less travel, use the materials supplied to solve the problem-
Example: Using a cardboard box, plasticine, and a plastic spoon, build a sled to carry one of your team members for 20 metres. You have 25 minutes...Go!
Arty Crafty - Making different kinds of crafts to keep and give away e.g picture frames with watercolour paint/pencil art, stone sculptures mosaic/paint, maybe flax weaving (get someone from the marae or school community to teach or woven paper placemats), bead crafts - key rings, bracelets, tissue paper sun-catchers, bird feeders...
Groovy Gardeners
A chance to get your fingers dirty and make a difference to the school. This spot may include some cooking in the kitchen too for lunchbox goodies. Some building and making signs for gardens too.
Try to get a water retention system going and possibly do different gardens around the school.
Electronics - looking at how circuits work and having fun making some.
Photography - Looking at forced perspective photography.  Creating optical illusions to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.  We will finish up with a competition of our photos.
Sports activities, developing hand eye coordination, movement skills, game awareness.

Image result for parents wordand Caregivers- Do you have something you would like to add and lead in Exploration hour? Or would you like to join us and explore with a small group each Friday? Contact your classroom teacher and let them know!

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