Sunday, June 18, 2017

Recycling Paper

In Room 11 we have been learning how to recycle paper. After making a sheet with plain newsprint, we are exploring ways we could alter the properties of our recycled paper to use it for different purposes.

Feel free to post some pictures of your first attempt at recycling paper!

Here are some questions for you to consider and answer on this blog post.

1. What were the properties of your recycled paper? Think about its size, shape, colour, texture, strength etc.

2. What do you want to be able to do with your paper? How will you change the properties of your paper in order to do this?
Some websites that might be helpful in your research:
Whitening paper:
Things that can be made from recycled paper pulp - to get your imagination going!
Paper pulp seed cups:
Gift tags with seeds inside:
Sculpture/Art work:
Paper shapes/decorations:
Paper pulp bowls:


  1. the paper is weak thick small and gray

  2. we apserved our paper was rough but it was also soaky when we put them in the rakes they were wet and it was thick.

  3. we observed paper it was soft soggy silky and it look like gum and it smelled like gum.

  4. we observed our paper it was silky soft and soggy and sloppy.
    the paper smelt like gum and it was grey and slippery .
    the texture was flaky and fragile.

  5. 1.We were observing the properties they were soft/smooth,weak,soggy,thick,wide,flexible.

  6. From Surleen:
    Today on Monday the 19th of June 2017 we made recycled paper. We observed our paper was soggy , soft , smooth , and very wet. It was very grey in color and very small in size. It was very fragile (weak). Surleen and Nesharne

  7. I want to make paper planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 2.I want to make a greeting card

    put in less paper mix[to make it thin and light],add paint[to make it smooth

  9. Like the ideas , group not working with me .
    But i will try these

  10. 1:Our Recycled paper felt smooth,it was large but when we broke it up, it was small like stamps.It was gray with dull colours.

    2.I would like to make origami with it so i would need to make a think piece of paper so i would need less paper pulp and i need it to be smooth so i'll smooth it out with something with a smooth surface. To make it square(r), We'll need it to be cut-able so We need to experiment.


  11. 2. I want to make paper white,coloured,smooth and cards,paper planes and draw on it.

    By Dilni

  12. 1.we observed our paper it was rectangula soggy satturated and sloppy also fragile

    2.dont know