Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Communication timeline research.

Time line of different forms of communication.

WHAT is your communication item?
How does it work? What are the parts? what do they do? How does it help us to communicate?
When was it invented? Or when did it start to be used? Or what was the period of time it was mostly used in?
How has it changed over time? (Why did it need to change?)
What is interesting that we want to share with others?

The final tag you put on the timeline might look something like this. BUT you need to research first!!! Notes in your Unit of Inquiry book!
My team:
Our communication item is:
How it works:
How has it changed? (Why?)
How it helps/helped us communicate:
Interesting facts:

TO DO: Moihi, Kyu :
Post Pigeons

Alexis. T., Surleen, Jalyn
Message in a bottle
TO DO: Abdulelah, Nesharne, Helena:
Great resource- click it
New source- look here
Stella, Noah,
Public telephone boxes
Nathan, Fou-
Morse code
TO DO: Dilni, Raetara, Tylah-Jade

Ocean, Chassidy, Skyla,
Smoke Signals
Murphy/ Tyrahn
Alp Horns
Brandon, Isitolo

Ella May, Kaylee, Erana
Cave Paintings

Missing: Anakiu, Caryl, Ella-May, Ethan, Karyse. What will you find out about for our class timeline?

If you do not have a communication item, here are some ideas you can choose from:

letters, email, newspaper, braille

Motion pictures




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